Access to health care for all must include Women’s reproductive health care rights

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ advocacy for accessible health care for all is vital to the health of the nation.  It is also wise to remember that Bernie was essentially a one-issue candidate.  Even today, he is supporting a candidate running in the Midwest who would vote against women’s reproductive health care rights. Sanders and Keith Ellison, vice-chair of the DNC, both saying this is only one issue and we have to look at the whole party is not valid and, in fact, poor reasoning, for it discounts one-half the population’s access to health care – women.  It harkens to ‘Bernie Bros’ during the election campaign, and Sen. Sanders’ refusal to call out their sexist raunchy descriptions against his opponent – former Secretary of State/Senator/First Lady Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Bros and in turn Senator Sanders and the DNC are responsible for what we have in the White House today.  Senator Sanders and the DNC, come out and support candidates that support all constituents access to health care, which includes one half of the voting public.

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