The Tyranny of entrapment by stiletto heels

Death defying women’s stiletto heels designed by men, also published in Newsweek August 11, 2017.

I am convinced women’s shoes are designed by men who hate women, with a mode to entrap women the same as in ancient cultures.  These towering death defying spikes give great damage to the muscles, legs, bones, ligaments, structure, function.  Keeping women inhabiting a world of weakened stability in all ways, regardless of political persuasion.  Our media culture is rife with females in the same entrapment, except Rachel Maddow.  It does seem to be a tyranny of footwear now for women in the public eye to be teetering on stilettos – ala the Trump women, M. Obama, B. Macron.  Let’s look to leaders of the world such as Angela Merkel of Germany or Christine Lagarde of the IMF, women with real power who have no need to tilter and who possess their own strength to not fall.

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