Welcome to the commentary of Dr. Harriet A. Fields: Healthcare Activist in Africa   http://www.educationupdate.com/archives/2014/MAR/HTML/cov-Harriet_Fields.html#.WZMlwFGQyR2

Dr. Harriet Fields master’s and doctoral degrees are from her beloved Teachers College, Columbia University. Ed.D. Health Education; Ed.M.– Public Health Nursing Education. She also serves on Teachers College Alumni Council.

A nurse educator based in Washington, DC, with an expertise in health care policy and professional nursing’s leadership role in humane health care reform. Currently she teaches Health Care Policy online to Family Nurse Practitioner master’s students throughout the country for Simmons College, School of Nursing.

Dr. Fields expertise is also in community/public/global health nursing, and arts and healing, and now does global health work in Rwanda. She recently returned from planning with a local NGO in Rwanda and now has a ‘Concept Note/Proposal’ for “Grassroots Empowerment of Women as the Gatekeepers of the Health of the Community”. She is seeking university support and graduate students to collaborate with this work by developing continuing education programs for our nurse educator colleagues in Rwanda and community health workers. The need is for Train the Trainer programs in rural villages and community health centers.

Prior to teaching online, she developed a baccalaureate programs in nursing, and coordinated a master’s and doctoral programs in gerontological nursing and long term care, as well served as Interim Director of a university based RN-BSN-MSN program.  For many years, Dr. Fields has been a consultant in long term care and nursing home reform in Washington and in New York City and State. In Washington, she also served as the federal Court Monitor in the D.C. Village Nursing Home case brought by the U.S. Department of Justice against the District of Columbia for the violation of the civil rights of the residents of the nursing home the District owned and operated. Very valuable lessons to be learned for the empowerment of citizens and successful advocacy for our most vulnerable and poor.

Dr. Fields is a former RN member of the District of Columbia Board of Nursing and commissioner of the Magnet Program in Recognition of Excellence in Nursing Services of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Her dissertation from Teachers College, Columbia University is “A Study of Professional Behavior in Education and Practice, With An Emphasis on Professional Nursing Education and Practice”. The Conceptual Framework for Professional Behavior developed as part of her dissertation, Dr. Fields uses as examples in her teaching and work for professional nurse empowerment and leadership in humane health care delivery for our clients – local, national, global.

Dr. Harriet Fields is also active nationally and internationally in promoting the legacy of her grandfather, W.C. Fields, for generations to come – www.wcfields.com.

At women's sewing cooperative for survivors of the genocide, Kigali, Rwanda - August 2012

At women’s sewing cooperative for survivors of the genocide, Kigali, Rwanda – August 2012

Dr. Harriet Fields at the Canary Trial Re-enactment

New York City, American Theatre of Actors, December 21, 2015, first performance of “The Real Transcript of W.C. Fields Murder Trial (of a Canary), 1928” in the actual courtroom of the Trial






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