W.C. Fields

My paternal grandfather, W.C. Fields, the father of my father W.C. Fields, Jr., is my spiritual inspiration.  By mere happy accident of birth, I take it as my profound and humble responsibility to ensure that younger generations and generations to come know the joy and comfort W.C. Fields Art through Humor brings to the human condition.

See the website for my grandfather, W.C. Fields:  https://www.wcfields.com

HAF at 1st performance of 'Canary' 12.21.,2015

My first foray as producer Off Broadway

Dr. Harriet Fields at the Canary Trial Re-enactment

New York City, American Theatre of Actors, December 21, 2015, first performance of “The Real Transcript of W.C. Fields Murder Trial (of a Canary), 1928” in the actual courtroom of the Trial.

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