“This is about Race” Doria Ragland said to her mixed-race daughter, Meghan.  Indeed the Netflix program “Harry and Meghan” brings to surface the misogyny and colonial imperial racism still present in the Royal Family, its toxic tabloid collaborators, and pockets of UK “white” society.  An adult Disneyland except no joy or happiness, rather transposed as abuse and disrespect to one another rooted in centuries of pathological family dynamics, and now exposed in “Harry and Meghan”, the unprincipled toxic collusion with the tabloid press and conniving within the “Firm’s” royal staff.  The ‘Politics of the Balcony’ in the Royal Family as symbol of culture and values is alive and dysfunctional today, coinciding with Brexit rooted with no foundation but the glory of the past before the sun has now set on the British empire. 

A white family shielded in gold imprisoned by its own sense of nothingness and pettiness to each other, proudly prancing, dressed-up glaringly representing the haves to the have-nots.  Listen to the elegant Doria Ragland counselling her daughter Meghan, her bi-racial only child, that this is about racism. The British tabloid media and pockets owned in the U.S. and Australia, expose itself primarily as deeply misogynist and blatantly racist.  How dare weak white males on both sides of the pond with a media and tv presence, criticize a bi-racial strong accomplished woman and global advocate for social justice long before known to the ‘Royals’.  What within these cowardly characters gives them permission to sink into low-level bullying on their platforms, descending into shameful caricatures of jealous narrow-minded mean-spirited rhetoric with no substance.  Why is a strong woman attacked relentlessly?  Listen to Doria.

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