POLITICS OF THE BALCONY VIEWS ON THIS SIDE OF THE POND Meghan and Elizabeth, the Duchess and the Queen, and the Prince and the King

Now let’s see from this side of the pond – Prince Harry extorted by family and press across the pond to give up publishing release of his book in exchange for possible respect and civility.

For consideration of inclusion into the symbol of “values and culture” of the royals decidedly to stifle and control the human psyches in their midst.

Before alarms of suicidal thoughts and depression laid bare, the “firm” frozen in denial as The New Yorker describes “infantilize” members hiding in public in their opulent gilded prisons full of gold and pomp and ceremony, and cruelty, and rigidity.

And now exposed in full light with the addition of Meghan, the hegemony of racism and misogyny. Adding to unhappiness and despair, and the norms of reversal of adulthood visited unquestionably on heirs. A life frozen in rigid privilege and hopeless mis-direction.

Lost is the royals declaration to investigate these claims and the “firms” privately investigating hidden historic claims in their midst present today, never releasing report. What could be an exemplar of “culture and values” identifying and admitting the toxic dysfunction among them over centuries alive and present today.

The Queen in the touching ceremonies honoring a lifetime encompassing the 70 year expanse of world history – our grandmother/mother figure with an open smile, described as having lived in a “gilded prison” as all the royals have and do.

In the public lying in state in Westminster Hall, the site of beheadings of their ancestors, the family mourns along with the public.

Prince Harry, son of Diana the “Peoples Princess”, witnessed the dysfunction and toxicity in the system to which he was born visited upon his mother, now blatantly manifest in recent years to his spouse, Meghan, an independently successful woman and global human rights advocate before she ever encountered the “firm”.

Instead of lifting up the addition to their midst – an asset and antidote to the history of imperial colonization, meets with whole-hearted and ongoing attempts to demonize, blithely continuing on in the path of misogyny and colonial racism.

Historian of Women and the Struggles for American Independence declares off the record, there is no question the royal family and press attacks on Meghan Markel are racist, obvious they did not want a person of color in their midst – the royal family and the press.

There is hope that Charles’ environmental advocacy will bring along older son’s daughter, and Harry’s children. A gift to future generations as well.

The now first in line to the title, Charles older son, seems to be lost in vacuousness to what their role might be, with spouse scowling at her sister-in-law at any encounter in the sad occasions surrounding the Queen’s remembrances. Holding up high grudge over petty slights a few years before, all the while cold shoulder scowl, turning to flash magnetic smile to the grieving public, belying any sense of place and purpose.

A sad portend of John Oliver’s advice on Stephen Corbett Show a week before Meghan’s wedding, cautioning about marrying into an emotionally stunted, toxic dysfunctional group with pseudo jobs.

Alas, true love won out for Harry and Meghan, for the good.

Admiration for Prince Harry for seeing what is plainly before him, the pain to his mother, a world advocate for the most vulnerable, now being visited upon his wife, Meghan, a world advocate for the most vulnerable before ever entering the royals. Harry now with courage to step-out of the only life he has ever known, we can hope that Charles will follow that risk taking leadership of his younger son and daughter-in-law, and bring hope to his grandchildren.

Harry and Meghan are now free to craft their lives of social justice advocacy while raising their two young children in love – true exemplars of human values and culture. Perhaps a mirror to what the ‘firm’ might be capable. Charles you are free now to incorporate your younger son’s courage, exemplars of advocacy, social justice, and love. True profiles of global values and culture.

Ah the balcony, stealthily bearing cold shoulder and furtive scowls. All the while maintaining premise of paragons of culture and values. With shifty display of condescension, racism, sexism mirroring Brexit – separate for no good reason, stand alone with no footing beneath. Still no Harry and Meghan.

Mis-directed family dynamics found in families the world over exposed on the global stage in honor of the Queen. Let’s learn from Harry and Meghan and be exemplars to the younger generations of Charles grandchildren, that the new monarch sees the reality of what the world needs – acceptance, inclusion, charity, and love.

Meghan is now the symbol and vortex of the ills of racism and misogyny within the royals – the “firm” and its press, and in turn the imperial empire legacy living out today – globally. Prince Harry’s stance profiles courage. Hope is that the family unit will learn and be free for younger generations as the grandchildren of Diana.

Open exemplars for Charles to lead into the light and freedom, away from generational imposed bound energy and frustrated rigid existence. There is always hope Charles can see this and join his second son and daughter-in-law, and lead all the grandchildren into light on the balcony and beyond.

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