My 3rd Off Broadway production in 3 years

United States Postal Service First Class Stamp, Performing Arts Series
United States Postal Service First Class Stamp, Performing Arts Series

Produced and featured in “Celebration of Comic Genius W.C. Fields

Dr. Harriet A. Fields

Educator; Commentator; Women’s Global Health Policy Advocate; Off Broadway producer/ creator

Dr. Harriet A. Fields presents “Celebration of Comic Genius W.C. Fields”   

National Arts Club in historic Gramercy Park, New York City, June 27, 2018, with Guest Panelists Dick Cavett modern entertainment Icon, Prof. Rob King, Columbia University Film Department, Dr. Harriet Fields granddaughter.  

Film clips and conversation, We bring together a family member, a scholar, and a comedic television personality for an evening about entertainment legend, W.C. Fields, who achieved acclaim in films, vaudeville, and on Broadway. Dr. Harriet Fields, W.C. Fields’ granddaughter, presents programs nationally and internationally about her grandfather. As a global health advocate in Rwanda, she shares her grandfather’s films with the Kwetu Film Institute in Kigali, with insights into how W.C. Fields speaks to the universal human condition. She is working on an Off Broadway play about an incident that befell her grandfather while performing on Broadway. Rob King is a film professor and historian at Columbia University, with expertise in early comedy. Dick Cavett is a comedian, writer, former talk show host, W.C. Fields devotee, and commentator of our times, notable for his conversational style.

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