A message to my Niece and Nephews – Dear Ones,

As we enter 2018, let’s go in Hope – Always Advocacy – Peace – Truth – and Love – the Lessons from the Women’s March on Washington that began 2017.

 Always speak truth to authority, call falsehoods and lies wherever we find them, advocate for our common bond of humanity in any setting.

 A few weeks ago I attended Daniel Ellsberg book reading event at Kramerbooks & Afterwords here in Dupont Circle.  Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers and the fraud and lies of the Vietnam war. 

I went up to Mr. Ellsberg after and said ‘thank you for all you have done.  I grew up with your bravery’.  He smiled widely and shook my hand. 

The new movie out now “The Post” is about this incident in American history

– Meryl Streep as Katherine Graham, owner of the Washington Post and Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee, editor.   

A few years after the Pentagon papers came Watergate, at that time columnist Art Buchwald had a piece in the Washington Post on ’14 Points of Watergate”, number 13 was “What is it that those involved in Watergate learned in law school that made them think that what they were doing was ethical?” 

That column gave me the idea for my dissertation topic at Teachers College, Columbia University, for I thought all professions must have a common core of ethics in education and practice. 

From there I developed a Conceptual Framework for Professional Behavior, validated to apply to all profession. 

Have tried to live by these concepts ever since. 

As Hillary now says, Onward Together to confront falsehoods in any setting, including family, community, nationally, globally, to lead in honesty and truth with moral courage and depth of integrity.    

To be involved, to advocate for social justice.   

The day after I met Daniel Ellsberg, three weeks ago now, I heard him on NPR promoting his new book.  When asked, he said the two people he admires most in the world today are Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.  He said that recently he spoke with Mr. Snowden in Moscow.  Snowden said to him “If there was no Daniel Ellsberg, there would be no Edward Snowden.”  It takes a certain courage and bravery to try to “right wrongs” as was said of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Jr., Margaret Mead, Elma Holder, Hillary Rodham Clinton…….      

A goal in 2018 and beyond – to live in mindful awareness, compassion, and kindness.

Remember, the arts in all forms lift our spirits, speak to our souls, and lead to healing – the language of all living things.

On this first Day of the New Year 2018, sending each and every one – love, peace, and hope, words I hear every day in Rwanda.

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