Universal Health Care Coverage for All


 Washington Journal, Sunday August 5, 2018 – Medicare for All in the US

 Two economists, Charles Blahous and Emily Gee, did not add the Values needed for any discussion of this topic.  Blahous holding tight to his research with no holistic perspective on the health of citizens.  Gee only at the very end mentioning what we Value in this country, thus, hinting at health disparities so rampant here and unlike other ‘developed’ countries.

 Caller from England most poignant, that country made a decision in 1948 and embraced universal coverage wholeheartedly.  A bumbling incoherent explanation from Blahous about the lack of applicability on this side of the pond.  Caller from Massachusetts also correct, Medicare requires recipients an out of pocket loss each month of approximately $300, with NO vision, dental, or hearing coverage.  Hearing assistive devices alone tends to thousands of dollars.   

 Coverage of this topic, so vital to the future well-being of this country, needs contributors with a heart as well as practical and policy knowledge.  Yes, taxes would be raised to provide coverage for all, but we would not have the growing threat and rise of the uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions denied, health disparities, lack of coverage for our vulnerable.  Resulting now with the U.S. ranking #37 in basic health indices in WHO data. 

 Based here in Washington, DC, I teach health care policy online to Family Nurse Practitioner graduate students throughout the country and abroad.   Professional nursing is the largest health profession, and is mandated through the Institute of Medicine Report (2010) The Future of Nursing to take leadership in health maintenance, promotion, and prevention in the community where our clients – individual, family/support system, community – local, national, global naturally reside.  Leading to humane health care reform and universal coverage for all.  I also do global health care work in Rwanda, where universal coverage is a value, unlike in the U.S.  As I teach my students, politics is simply an expression of values, and policy is merely the implementation of those values.

 Harriet A. Fields, Ed.D., RN 

Washington, DC

Trump, at Putin’s Side, Questions U.S. Intelligence on 2016 Election – Commentary by Harriet A. Fields, July 16, 2018

Is not this the definition of treason and a high crime, undermining the country’s own administration investigative findings?  Pundits bent over themselves proffering explanations of president Trump’s agenda for his visit with murderous, and journalist truth telling dissent killing oligarch Putin of Russia. Now beyond our wildest speculation is the next and daily ghastly ‘aha’ moment, to continue to lie about himself and weaken the status of the government already weakened on January 20, 2017 at his inauguration.  And last week by the insults hurled at and attempted dismantling of the 70 year old bond with Europe at NATO meetings.

In my grandfather’s film ‘Old Fashioned Way’ there is a line rehearsed by the wonderful actor Jan Duggan playing Cleopatra Pepperday and being directed by the Great (Marc Anthony) McGonigle, the character played by W.C. Fields. This scene never gets into the play being rehearsed in the film, for it is too preposterous to believe, “What’s the lowest you will take for your rotten carcass now?”

Now we know the current occupant of the White House lowest, dismantle the world order to assuage his ego and line his family pockets. Does not this merit impeachment, at the very least removal from office, jail time too.  Perhaps Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump, and Paul Manafort would make fine cell fellows.

Harriet A. Fields

Washington, DC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

My 3rd Off Broadway production in 3 years

United States Postal Service First Class Stamp, Performing Arts Series
United States Postal Service First Class Stamp, Performing Arts Series

Produced and featured in “Celebration of Comic Genius W.C. Fields

Dr. Harriet A. Fields

Educator; Commentator; Women’s Global Health Policy Advocate; Off Broadway producer/ creator

Dr. Harriet A. Fields presents “Celebration of Comic Genius W.C. Fields”   

National Arts Club in historic Gramercy Park, New York City, June 27, 2018, with Guest Panelists Dick Cavett modern entertainment Icon, Prof. Rob King, Columbia University Film Department, Dr. Harriet Fields granddaughter.  

Film clips and conversation, We bring together a family member, a scholar, and a comedic television personality for an evening about entertainment legend, W.C. Fields, who achieved acclaim in films, vaudeville, and on Broadway. Dr. Harriet Fields, W.C. Fields’ granddaughter, presents programs nationally and internationally about her grandfather. As a global health advocate in Rwanda, she shares her grandfather’s films with the Kwetu Film Institute in Kigali, with insights into how W.C. Fields speaks to the universal human condition. She is working on an Off Broadway play about an incident that befell her grandfather while performing on Broadway. Rob King is a film professor and historian at Columbia University, with expertise in early comedy. Dick Cavett is a comedian, writer, former talk show host, W.C. Fields devotee, and commentator of our times, notable for his conversational style.


A message to my Niece and Nephews – Dear Ones,

As we enter 2018, let’s go in Hope – Always Advocacy – Peace – Truth – and Love – the Lessons from the Women’s March on Washington that began 2017.

 Always speak truth to authority, call falsehoods and lies wherever we find them, advocate for our common bond of humanity in any setting.

 A few weeks ago I attended Daniel Ellsberg book reading event at Kramerbooks & Afterwords here in Dupont Circle.  Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers and the fraud and lies of the Vietnam war. 

I went up to Mr. Ellsberg after and said ‘thank you for all you have done.  I grew up with your bravery’.  He smiled widely and shook my hand. 

The new movie out now “The Post” is about this incident in American history

– Meryl Streep as Katherine Graham, owner of the Washington Post and Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee, editor.   

A few years after the Pentagon papers came Watergate, at that time columnist Art Buchwald had a piece in the Washington Post on ’14 Points of Watergate”, number 13 was “What is it that those involved in Watergate learned in law school that made them think that what they were doing was ethical?” 

That column gave me the idea for my dissertation topic at Teachers College, Columbia University, for I thought all professions must have a common core of ethics in education and practice. 

From there I developed a Conceptual Framework for Professional Behavior, validated to apply to all profession. 

Have tried to live by these concepts ever since. 

As Hillary now says, Onward Together to confront falsehoods in any setting, including family, community, nationally, globally, to lead in honesty and truth with moral courage and depth of integrity.    

To be involved, to advocate for social justice.   

The day after I met Daniel Ellsberg, three weeks ago now, I heard him on NPR promoting his new book.  When asked, he said the two people he admires most in the world today are Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.  He said that recently he spoke with Mr. Snowden in Moscow.  Snowden said to him “If there was no Daniel Ellsberg, there would be no Edward Snowden.”  It takes a certain courage and bravery to try to “right wrongs” as was said of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Jr., Margaret Mead, Elma Holder, Hillary Rodham Clinton…….      

A goal in 2018 and beyond – to live in mindful awareness, compassion, and kindness.

Remember, the arts in all forms lift our spirits, speak to our souls, and lead to healing – the language of all living things.

On this first Day of the New Year 2018, sending each and every one – love, peace, and hope, words I hear every day in Rwanda.

Facebook selling ads that corrupt 2016 elections, vs. Kaspersky Internet Security

Now let’s see whom we might trust.  Facebook recently exposed as selling ads to an entity cynical attempts to influence the 2016 elections  http://variety.com/2017/politics/news/facebook-trump-russia-political-ads-1202549414/

Or, Kaspersky Internet Security on every Best Buy computer sold and most efficient and reliable.  Now is this really a choice?

Education Secretary DeVos assault on college women

Dear Ms. DeVos,

The worst ‘ism’ in the world is hatred of women, misogyny, and sexism. It extends to every corner of the globe, both fragile societies, developed countries, families, and yes, college campuses.

Please do not contribute to this abuse by pursuing false and unjust narratives. I am a university educator and also do global health work in Rwanda, it is the horrendous abuse, violence, and rape of women that has led to Reconciliation, which is a model for the world order.

Please do not revert to old stereotypes, and continue this objectifying and hatred on our college campuses. Yes, let us help educate boys and men, along with girls and women that human beings of all gender orientation have their own dignity and are deserving of respect.

Harriet A. Fields, Ed.D., RN




As an educator, I find it unconscionable the disgraced Trump University was not hounded upon by the media, instead of innocuous emails of the opponent.

Thank you to Margaret Sullivan, for finally we see in print a critical analysis of the failure of the fourth estate in the 2016 presidential campaign. As an educator, I find the fraud of Trump University and the unethical stealing of students’ money, retirees’ savings, empty promises of knowledge and future gain, all claims by the candidate would be enough to disqualify anyone from any position anywhere, except perhaps a seat in jail. The height of all that is unethical, without focus and questioning, the media and the public gave Trump a pass, while the lawsuit from those defrauded resulted in a $25,000,000 settlement. This is the theme that could have been repeated and dwelled upon. All the while the media focused instead on former Secretary of State/ Senator/First Lady Hillary Clinton’s emails, over and over, allowing the urban myth of untrustworthiness ubiquitously and repeatedly spread, adding to the mantra weaving its way into every media outlet and public discussion. No unethical fraud by candidate Trump repeated by the media, just repetition of candidate Clinton’s emails so it settled in the public’s mind as the candidate is untrustworthy. Yes, we need the media to question, not accept, question falsehoods, and as Senator Al Franken’s says, not accept “pivots” from public servants until we find answers to questions politicians don’t want to answer, and uncover the truth.


Access to health care for all must include Women’s reproductive health care rights

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ advocacy for accessible health care for all is vital to the health of the nation.  It is also wise to remember that Bernie was essentially a one-issue candidate.  Even today, he is supporting a candidate running in the Midwest who would vote against women’s reproductive health care rights. Sanders and Keith Ellison, vice-chair of the DNC, both saying this is only one issue and we have to look at the whole party is not valid and, in fact, poor reasoning, for it discounts one-half the population’s access to health care – women.  It harkens to ‘Bernie Bros’ during the election campaign, and Sen. Sanders’ refusal to call out their sexist raunchy descriptions against his opponent – former Secretary of State/Senator/First Lady Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Bros and in turn Senator Sanders and the DNC are responsible for what we have in the White House today.  Senator Sanders and the DNC, come out and support candidates that support all constituents access to health care, which includes one half of the voting public.