It does seem that Jeremy Corbyn and party have failed, not speaking up with constructive alternatives.  Rather, name calling the battered Teresa May.  As well, it appears that Teresa May, brave and strong, has dug into a narrow position of the slim vote for Brexit, as the raison d’etre to urge her on.  

 MPs timid with no direction popping up from green leather banquettes (or is it plastic) in Parliament. The sycophants of cowardly males scurrying about – Boris Johnson off on his bike, Farage prancing the stage with no future vision.  And, most of all, the conceit of David Cameron to propose the Brexit vote in the first place, thinking this would ensure his reign as PM with a no vote. 

 It does seem another vote is in order, a breath of fresh air to clear the noggins of those who voted Brexit, to now vote to Stay in the EU.  Then my paternal ancestral heritage will be where it belongs with all the others across the pond, from whence many of our ancestors on this side came.  For long ago, the sun ceased to set on the shrinking Empire.  Speaking for my maternal ancestral heritage, perhaps Northern Ireland will join the Republic; and Russia will stay out of Britain and U.S. elections. 

 Yes, here in Washington, we have hope of the 2020 elections to dig us out of our mess.  For the UK, not so much hope in sight, a great pity.  Cannot we all do better than what we have wrought now. 

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