Universal Health Care Coverage for All


 Washington Journal, Sunday August 5, 2018 – Medicare for All in the US

 Two economists, Charles Blahous and Emily Gee, did not add the Values needed for any discussion of this topic.  Blahous holding tight to his research with no holistic perspective on the health of citizens.  Gee only at the very end mentioning what we Value in this country, thus, hinting at health disparities so rampant here and unlike other ‘developed’ countries.

 Caller from England most poignant, that country made a decision in 1948 and embraced universal coverage wholeheartedly.  A bumbling incoherent explanation from Blahous about the lack of applicability on this side of the pond.  Caller from Massachusetts also correct, Medicare requires recipients an out of pocket loss each month of approximately $300, with NO vision, dental, or hearing coverage.  Hearing assistive devices alone tends to thousands of dollars.   

 Coverage of this topic, so vital to the future well-being of this country, needs contributors with a heart as well as practical and policy knowledge.  Yes, taxes would be raised to provide coverage for all, but we would not have the growing threat and rise of the uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions denied, health disparities, lack of coverage for our vulnerable.  Resulting now with the U.S. ranking #37 in basic health indices in WHO data. 

 Based here in Washington, DC, I teach health care policy online to Family Nurse Practitioner graduate students throughout the country and abroad.   Professional nursing is the largest health profession, and is mandated through the Institute of Medicine Report (2010) The Future of Nursing to take leadership in health maintenance, promotion, and prevention in the community where our clients – individual, family/support system, community – local, national, global naturally reside.  Leading to humane health care reform and universal coverage for all.  I also do global health care work in Rwanda, where universal coverage is a value, unlike in the U.S.  As I teach my students, politics is simply an expression of values, and policy is merely the implementation of those values.

 Harriet A. Fields, Ed.D., RN 

Washington, DC

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