At women’s sewing cooperative for survivors of the genocide, Kigali, Rwanda – August 2012

One thought on “At women’s sewing cooperative for survivors of the genocide, Kigali, Rwanda – August 2012

  1. “Women are more than half of the world’s population, they do two-third of the world’s works, earn one-tenth of the world’s income, and own only one-hundredth of the world’s property” – According to UN 2010. To address this ugly situation, the world MUST take steps to IMPLEMENTING THE SDGs especially, ‘GOOD HEALTH & WELL-BEING (SDGs-3), QUALITY EDUCATION (SDGs-4), GENDER EQUALITY (SDGS-5), DECENT WORK & ECONOMIC GROWTH (SDGs-8), REDUCE INEQUALITIES (SDGs-10

    As for the goal 3 of the SDGs, let us go back to the UN’s 2010 launch of “EVERY WOMAN, EVERY CHILD”, it buttresses the import of HEALTH in the lives of women and children as a fulcrum for economic empowerment for women and a better livelihood and future for their children. A mathematical coloration exist between Women’s health and their economic well-being” and indirectly proportional to their children’s attainment in the future. Your quest for Global Holistic Public Health Nursing, should among other things look into the possibilities of harmonizing all levels of authorities in both RURAL and URBAN areas of Africa towards providing available, accessible, affordable, highly professional health care services in both rural and urban Africa. These levels could be Federal, state, and local government, or Traditional rulers, Opinion leaders, and pressure groups (youth groups, women groups), or it could incorporate the arms of government – executive, legislative, and Judiciary all forming A GLOBAL-SALAD BOWL MODEL….Soonest I shall send you an illustrative representation of YOUR WORK. Wishing you a wonderful experience as you contribute quantifiable to the progress of humanity here in Africa. Yusuf Oyigebe Yahaya


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