Education Secretary DeVos assault on college women

Dear Ms. DeVos,

The worst ‘ism’ in the world is hatred of women, misogyny, and sexism. It extends to every corner of the globe, both fragile societies, developed countries, families, and yes, college campuses.

Please do not contribute to this abuse by pursuing false and unjust narratives. I am a university educator and also do global health work in Rwanda, it is the horrendous abuse, violence, and rape of women that has led to Reconciliation, which is a model for the world order.

Please do not revert to old stereotypes, and continue this objectifying and hatred on our college campuses. Yes, let us help educate boys and men, along with girls and women that human beings of all gender orientation have their own dignity and are deserving of respect.

Harriet A. Fields, Ed.D., RN



As an educator, I find it unconscionable the disgraced Trump University was not hounded upon by the media, instead of innocuous emails of the opponent.

Thank you to Margaret Sullivan, for finally we see in print a critical analysis of the failure of the fourth estate in the 2016 presidential campaign. As an educator, I find the fraud of Trump University and the unethical stealing of students’ money, retirees’ savings, empty promises of knowledge and future gain, all claims by the candidate would be enough to disqualify anyone from any position anywhere, except perhaps a seat in jail. The height of all that is unethical, without focus and questioning, the media and the public gave Trump a pass, while the lawsuit from those defrauded resulted in a $25,000,000 settlement. This is the theme that could have been repeated and dwelled upon. All the while the media focused instead on former Secretary of State/ Senator/First Lady Hillary Clinton’s emails, over and over, allowing the urban myth of untrustworthiness ubiquitously and repeatedly spread, adding to the mantra weaving its way into every media outlet and public discussion. No unethical fraud by candidate Trump repeated by the media, just repetition of candidate Clinton’s emails so it settled in the public’s mind as the candidate is untrustworthy. Yes, we need the media to question, not accept, question falsehoods, and as Senator Al Franken’s says, not accept “pivots” from public servants until we find answers to questions politicians don’t want to answer, and uncover the truth.

Access to health care for all must include Women’s reproductive health care rights

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ advocacy for accessible health care for all is vital to the health of the nation.  It is also wise to remember that Bernie was essentially a one-issue candidate.  Even today, he is supporting a candidate running in the Midwest who would vote against women’s reproductive health care rights. Sanders and Keith Ellison, vice-chair of the DNC, both saying this is only one issue and we have to look at the whole party is not valid and, in fact, poor reasoning, for it discounts one-half the population’s access to health care – women.  It harkens to ‘Bernie Bros’ during the election campaign, and Sen. Sanders’ refusal to call out their sexist raunchy descriptions against his opponent – former Secretary of State/Senator/First Lady Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Bros and in turn Senator Sanders and the DNC are responsible for what we have in the White House today.  Senator Sanders and the DNC, come out and support candidates that support all constituents access to health care, which includes one half of the voting public.

The Tyranny of entrapment by stiletto heels

Death defying women’s stiletto heels designed by men, also published in Newsweek August 11, 2017.

I am convinced women’s shoes are designed by men who hate women, with a mode to entrap women the same as in ancient cultures.  These towering death defying spikes give great damage to the muscles, legs, bones, ligaments, structure, function.  Keeping women inhabiting a world of weakened stability in all ways, regardless of political persuasion.  Our media culture is rife with females in the same entrapment, except Rachel Maddow.  It does seem to be a tyranny of footwear now for women in the public eye to be teetering on stilettos – ala the Trump women, M. Obama, B. Macron.  Let’s look to leaders of the world such as Angela Merkel of Germany or Christine Lagarde of the IMF, women with real power who have no need to tilter and who possess their own strength to not fall.