Education Secretary DeVos assault on college women

Dear Ms. DeVos,

The worst ‘ism’ in the world is hatred of women, misogyny, and sexism. It extends to every corner of the globe, both fragile societies, developed countries, families, and yes, college campuses.

Please do not contribute to this abuse by pursuing false and unjust narratives. I am a university educator and also do global health work in Rwanda, it is the horrendous abuse, violence, and rape of women that has led to Reconciliation, which is a model for the world order.

Please do not revert to old stereotypes, and continue this objectifying and hatred on our college campuses. Yes, let us help educate boys and men, along with girls and women that human beings of all gender orientation have their own dignity and are deserving of respect.

Harriet A. Fields, Ed.D., RN



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